Sensitive about smells


Model: Goddess Carter

Posted: Tue, 11 Feb 2014

Carter came home from doing errands and working out to find her lazy boyfriend sitting on their bed with dirty clothes all over the place and he hadn’t showered all day. She complains about the smell and he tells her not to be so sensitive about smells. She rips the book out of his hands and throws him down on the bed. She sits on top of him and takes her sweaty sneakers off and puts it over his nose. He tries to pull away and complains that they stink. She doesn’t care. He shouldn’t be so sensitive about smells. She continues to make him smell her sweaty socks and then takes his filthy cloths off and notices his cock is hard. He must get hard from the stench of her sweaty sock. She strokes his cock with the sopping wet gym socks as he gets harder and harder between her feet.