Workout Instructor Forgot Socks


Model: Mya Mays

Posted: Tue, 27 Mar 2018

Workout Instructor Mya Mays has just completed leading her most recent class. She takes off her shoes to cool down and comments how stinky they are.  You snatch the shoe from her hand and press it to your face.  Mya cringes as she watches you hold her smelly shoe over your mouth and nose while inhaling deeply.  She knows you’re hooked and now she has a plan to really have her feet rejuvenated.  Mya slides her sweaty bare feet toward you with confidence that you’ll take the bait.  As you lather her feet with your eager tongue, she moans in ecstasy.  Both of you have gotten so hot from this intimate encounter.  You pull out your cock and begin stroking rapidly.  Mya is excited and encourages you to beat it harder, faster until you explode all over her bare feet.  Oooohhh, what an invigorating workout!  Mya hopes you’ll come back to see her again.